Transient Recording

Transient Recording Solution

eDNA enterprise data historian is used as a transient system monitor, recorder and analyzer. eDNA collects millisecond data during transient events (e.g., control rod drive crams) and provides surveillance monitoring for events such as valve closures, startups and more. This allows nuclear power plants to assure compliance with their operating licenses, which is a legal requirement mandated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). 

eDNA HighSpeed Data Monitoring

The eDNA HighSpeed Data Monitoring System provides data recording and analysis at millisecond time resolution values. Fully integrated with other eDNA real-time data analysis and monitoring tools, eDNA HighSpeed provides unparalleled monitoring of high resolution data.

eDNA HighSpeed was developed to continually monitor more than 1,000 data points at a time resolution of 1,000 Hz per point. The capability to monitor more than one million events per second is accomplished without smoothing or in decreasing point value validity.

eDNA HighSpeed records up to four hours of 1,000 Hz data points to a circular buffer. Upon detection of a value level of interest or upon manual initiation, data in the high speed buffer is shunted to online high speed historical recording system. The amount of pre-trip and post trip data stored in the permanent high speed recording system is adjustable between one second or the full four hours worth of buffer data. eDNA HighSpeed has been tested and validated to demonstrate that no single piece of millisecond data is missed.

eDNA HighSpeed currently interfaces to the highly reliable Validyne I/O system. Interfaces to RTP 2000 and other I/O gear capable of fast time resolution switching are also available.

eDNA API allows logic and reports to be customized to provide recording capability unique to the organization's high speed data analysis and recording requirements. eDNA Trend allows the millions of data values recorded with eDNA HighSpeed to be quickly and conveniently viewed for spikes and cyclic trends. The efficient compression algorithms employed by eDNA History ensure that many years worth of high speed transient or test information is readily available and online for access by high speed data users.

Ease of use, high reliability, online analysis and convenient and understandable control functions make eDNA HighSpeed unlike any other high speed data recording and analysis system available.

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