Nuclear Applications

NuclearAs manufacturing and power companies look for ways to optimize cost efficiencies and increase profitability, there is a new movement afoot to focus efforts on maximizing equipment reliability and availability. Recognizing this trend, we have developed a suite of tools designed to meet the needs of companies looking to implement equipment reliability programs.

Wonderware eDNA a premier information management system, serves as the foundation for this suite of tools providing a real-time decision support solution that acquires, archives and displays large amounts of real-time and historical data from various system operations sources. eDNA enables this data to be accessed and converted into information for up-to-the-second reporting and analysis. eDNA has met stringent quality and performance requirements that allow eDNA to monitor systems critical to plant performance. Reliability, accuracy, performance, ease of use and maintainability are standard features associated with eDNA.

Predictive Asset Analytics for Nuc Equipment ReliabilityThe Institute of Nuclear Power Operations' offers clearly defined guidelines for the process of implementing equipment reliability. The INPO AP-913 Equipment Reliability Process Description has laid the foundation for assisting nuclear utilities in maintaining safe and reliable plant operation. The INPO AP-913 process description defines equipment reliability as the integration and coordination of activities into one process for plant personnel to evaluate important station equipment, develop and implement long-term equipment health plans, monitor equipment performance and condition, and make continuing adjustments to preventative maintenance tasks and frequencies based on equipment operating experience. Our equipment reliability tools are designed to help companies meet the requirements of this and other process guideline rules such as the NRC's Maintenance Rule (10 CFR 50.65). Click the white paper image or visit our download center to learn how using predictive asset monitoring can help increase nuclear equipment reliability.

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