Energy Dashboard

Help your institution achieve its energy sustainability goals with Energy Dashboard.

The Energy Dashboard is a software application that is used by universities and campuses in support of energy awareness, energy conservation, and energy sustainability programs. The Energy Dashboard was uniquely designed for university needs including easy to navigate screens, dynamic visual and graphical displays, easy customization per university standards, as well as easy to understand units of measure. Additionally, the software can be accessed using a local touch screen kiosk or on the Intranet or an internet. The Energy Dashboard makes building energy information available to the general public for one building or hundreds of buildings across campus.

 Campus Energy Dashboards



Campus Energy Dashboards2


Energy Dashboard Product Features:

  • Display near real-time & historical building energy consumption & cost information for the following utilities: electricity, steam, chilled water & natural gas.
  • Calculate & display building ratios (i.e. building energy usage to gross building area).
  • Instantaneous rate of use & current fiscal year cumulative consumption over user defined time periods.
  • Graphical consumption & cost history profiles of one, all or user selected building(s).
  • Buildings can be grouped by categories or building types.
  • Comparison of gross energy consumption, normalized energy consumption & CO2 for individual utility types or combined utilities.
  • Easily convert energy units to selected equivalents such as CO2.
  • Meter aggregation for buildings with multiple meters.
  • Users can toggle between measured units.
  • Historical data values are exportable in Excel format.
  • One-click reporting.
  • Web display via the Internet, Intranet, or kiosk.