Consulting & Analytics


Schneider Electric offers consulting and analytic services related to our Wonderware eDNA and Avantis PRiSM software product suites in order to help customers take full advantage of these powerful tools. Our goal with these services is to help customers further integrate the products into business processes, ensuring the maximum return on investment. Wonderware eDNA data historian contains a wealth of information that can be integrated with other systems, such as maintenance management, reporting, and financial programs to provide significant added value. We also offer design and implementation services to provide customers with visualization screens and customized web reports to ensure immediate use of these enterprise system tools. 

In addition, we provide remote monitoring and diagnostic services using the Avantis PRiSM software as part of an overall condition-based maintenance program. We provide short term assistance in PRiSM-based monitoring and analysis.

Please contact us for more information on these services.