PRiSM Mobile Solution - SmartGlance

SmartGlance integration with PRiSM enables you to monitor the performance of critical assets on-the-go from your mobile smartphone and tablet. Download the SmartGlance App to view and analyze PRiSM models and alerts - anywhere, anytime and from any device.

SmartGlance enables the navigation of data from PRiSM using rich graphical charts and an intuitive and native app experience. The SmartGlance "MyAlerts" feature offers the capability to receive personalized alert notifications based on configurable thresholds. You can get notified proactively, with additional features available:

  • PUSH notifications, based on configurable thresholds
  • Real-time alerting
  • Ring or vibrate notifications 
SE SmartGlance

Deploying SmartGlance could not be easier. You can get started in minutes with the readily available cloud hosted solution. Even if you temporarily lose a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to the SmartGlance Server, the SmartGlance app continues to be a trusted resource in offline mode. SmartGlance supports state-of-the-art mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Windows 8. 

For more on SmartGlance, visit the Invensys website here.