PRiSM Client Application

The Avantis PRiSM Client is a Microsoft® Windows®-based application for asset performance monitoring. PRiSM provides users with an intuitive-interface for developing, training and deploying equipment models. The software solution also provides alert notifications when the equimpent has stepped outside normal operation. PRiSM Client supports the ability to connect to most industry standard data historians or control systems for simplified model development. Advanced analytical tools are included for problem identification and analysis. 

Playback: PRiSM playback allows the user to easily evaluate the model and training data to verify that it is relevant and performing as expected. This eliminates the need to wait for an equipment problem to validate the PRiSM model. PRiSM playback also supports the abililty to easily play back through historical data sets with known issues for further validation and analysis.

Alert Management: Operators can be alerted of potential equipment failures 24/7 using PRiSM notifications. PRiSM allows the user to manage alerts by category, including duration of the alert, frequency of the event and more. PRiSM alerts can also be configured to notify relevant personnel via email.

Open System: PRiSM can use eDNA, other historians or relational databases for delivering real-time feeds to the system.

Web Access: Users can view PRiSM in a secure web-based environment. Learn more about PRiSM Web>>

Avantis PRiSM Key Benefits

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