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Avantis PRiSM predictive asset analytics software software integrates with existing sensor data and is used to continuously monitor the health and performance of critical assets. The software uses advanced pattern recognition and diagnostic techniques to identify small deviations in operating behavior that are often the early warning signs of equipment problems. PRiSM is used in industrial applications and provides engineers the ability to spend less time looking for potential issues and more time taking actions to achieve the greatest return on every asset.


  • Online asset health and performance monitoring
  • Works with all types of equipment and equipment manufacturers (holistic monitoring approach for entire business operation)
  • Integrates with existing machinery sensors, historians, control and monitoring systems
  • Data-driven models using actual operating conditions
  • Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) technology
  • Early warning detection of equipment problems
  • Contains an advanced web-based analysis application for fault diagnostics and root cause analysis of equipment problems

Avantis PRiSM Key Benefits

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