System Architecture

WW eDNA Architecture Diagram

Wonderware eDNA enables accurate and timely performance-based decisions that improve operating costs. Through its distributed architecture, eDNA enables the right people to make the right decisions at the right time. This service-oriented redundant architecture draws from a variety of information sources into a collaborative real-time interface, calculation engine, and historical archive. 

Wonderware eDNA Redundancy replicates all real-time services within the eDNA product suite, providing fault-tolerant 24x7 data collection, storage, analysis, and access. This redundancy service is native to the core architecture of eDNA, eliminating expensive and complex third-party redundancy services and limited hardware solutions.  Fault-Tolerance allows seamless fail-over between live systems. Upon failure of the primary services, the secondary establishes communication with the data sources and responds to data requests. The secondary will continue collecting, analyzing, and storing data until the primary real-time services are back online.