High Availability

Wonderware eDNA Redundancy

The native system redundancy operates through system failures and maintenance and is built into core eDNA Architecture to eliminate costly and limited third-party solutions. eDNA Redundancy replicates all real-time services within the eDNA product suite, providing fault-tolerant 24x7 data collection, storage, analysis and access.

Replication involves the primary services collecting data from disparate sources and feeding this data into the secondary services. This process synchronizes the real-time services, which then push the data into their respective histories. In the event that the primary shuts down, the secondary will already contain the same data, with the switchover to the secondary server transparent to the user.

Fault-Tolerance allows seamless fail-over between live systems. Upon failure of the primary services, the secondary establishes communication with the data sources and responds to data requests. The secondary will continue collecting, analyzing and storing data until the primary real-time services are back online.




Practical Use

In the constantly changing world of technology, organizations must regularly upgrade their systems to stay competitive. Within the utility industry, the downtime necessary for an upgrade is inefficient and costly, eDNA Redundancy reduces the downtime necessary for an upgrade. While upgrading the primary system, the secondary services will continue evaluating the enterprise, ensuring processes are cost-efficient and safe. With this service, the interface is always available for data collection and analysis and regulatory requirements are continually monitored.