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InStep’s PRiSM software is a predictive analytics platform for continuous real-time asset performance monitoring. PRiSM uses predictive algorithms to identify subtle changes in system behavior that are often the early warning signs of equipment performance and health problems. The software can use all existing equipment sensors integrated with historian or plant control and monitoring systems and is not limited to specific types or manufacturers of equipment. The early identification of equipment problems leads to reduced maintenance costs and increased availability, reliability, production quality and capacity.



  • On-line identification of equipment health and performance problems
  • Works with all types of equipment and equipment manufacturers (holistic monitoring approach for entire business operation)
  • Integrates with existing machinery sensors, historians, control and monitoring systems
  • Contains an advanced web-based analysis application for identification and root cause analysis of equipment problems



  • Asset health and performance monitoring
  • Early detection and notification of equipment problems
  • Problem identification and root-cause analysis of equipment health and performance problems
  • Verify that maintenance was properly completed and that no new problems were introduced
  • Improve equipment performance, asset utilization and maintenance scheduling and planning

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