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Wonderware eDNA real-time enterprise data historian collects, archives, displays, analyzes and reports on operational, smart device and asset health related information. eDNA collects continuously streaming time-series data from critical control, monitoring and smart devices and then archives this data using an advanced storage and 100% lossless compression technology. Advanced user applications provide secure real-time visibility of this information to make the data accessible throughout the organization for more informed and timely decisions.



  • Highly efficient and scalable infrastructure for management of continuously streaming, time-series data
  • Equipment agnostic, integrates with hundreds of different control and monitoring systems and devices
  • Consolidation of disparate data sources into a highly scalable data management platform
  • Bridges the IT/OT information gap
  • Secure data access through advanced user applications, web tools and API 
  • Real-time visibility, analysis, notificaiton and reporting of critical operational, asset health and regulatory data
  • Turn data into actionable insights for more informed and timely business decisions

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