eDNA Web Solution

eDNA Web: Real-Time Data for Informed Decisions

eDNA Web is a real-time decision support platform enabling users to make informed business and operational decisions. eDNA Web provides access to the many real-time, historical and relational data sources that drive operational profitability.

eDNA Web comes configured with a series of advanced analysis tools that allow users to simplify decision making and focus on the key performance indicators that lead to optimized system performance and profitability. eDNA Web gives the user control over the graphical representation of data with presentation tools that ensure end users can easily customize displays, reports, trends, and much more. Secure access is provided through the internet, intranet, LAN or WAN, and uses a standard web browser as an intuitive interface enabling and optimizing collaboration across the enterprise.

eDNA Web Instances

Simplicity - eDNA Web is designed for ease of use, ensuring even novice users direct and timely access to the data they need. Graphical displays and configured trends are easily created, saved, and then accessed through the easy-to-use eDNA Web tools.


Flexibility - eDNA Web leverages the user's existing enterprise architecture and hardware for simple and fast implementation. eDNA Web integrates the many disparate data sources throughout an enterprise by providing full access to real-time, relational, and historical data through a standard web browser interface. eDNA Web gives the user control over the graphical representation of data with presentation tools that ensure end users can easily customize displays, reports, trends, and much more. The end user's control over which data is displayed and how it is displayed provides a personalized environment, highlighting those areas of access that are most relevant for the individual user.

Security - A highly secure environment for data and system access is of the utmost importance. eDNA Web security augments rather than replaces your existing enterprise security system. eDNA Web's point by point security ensures that only relevant, authorized personnel are allowed access to data. Individual access is assigned to each point and authorization is confirmed through login name and password. With eDNA Web, users are able to log in using Windows Authentication and have access to the features and information the administrator has authorized.

Data Analysis

eDNA Web TrendTrending - Data from multiple sources can be conveniently displayed using the eDNA Web Trending tool. Multiple trend axes can be defined and up to six points can be displayed on a single graph. Trend overlays, stacked trends, bar graphs, scatter plots, and area graphs are easily created. Trend templates can be created and conveniently stored for repeated future access.

Graphical Display - eDNA Web's graphical displays visually communicate information to the end user. The displays are easily configured for optimum, fast access to information used to make business and operations decisions.

Alarming - Alarm status information is presented through color animation. Color bands based on a defined alarm state are easily configured allowing graphical display screen components or watch lists to be configured to change color based on alarm status.

Watch Lists - Watch Lists can be created so that a grouping of points can easily be monitored through a single view. The Watch List displays the data point name, current value, and status. If a data point goes into alarm, the point can be highlighted in the user-defined color for that alarm state.

Reporting - Customized reports can be configured to automatically display the information you want. This includes the ability to create ad hoc reports based on selectable criteria.

Snapshot - Event snapshots can be easily captured and stored allowing users to compare current operational information to past or ideal conditions. Snapshot enables collaboration across the enterprise and allows users to effectively document post-incident analysis results.