Event Management

The ChallengeeDNA Event Manager

Organizations face an ever-increasing volume of real-time industrial sensor, process, and IT-related information. Monitoring this data manually to find exceptional events is both impractical from a resource standpoint, and virtually impossible to manage when time-critical issues must be acted upon immediately. More and more often, organizations must get the right information to the right experts with less time and more accuracy.

The Solution: eDNA Event Manager

InStep Software's eDNA Event Manager supports the creation of user-defined events for notification and sends urgent machine and equipment data to the people responsible for diagnosing and solving potential problems.

The eDNA Event Manager uses existing eDNA product suites to alert users to potential concerns. The module offers point-and-click configuration of simple or complex event rules based on any data source, email notification of events, the ability to attach trends or reports to notifications and a user-friendly event-viewing interface.

The Benefits

Smart Monitoring - Define custom rules to trigger events by using a simple, step-by-step process with no need for coding. Tie the event to an eDNA CHaD instance and categorize it by type (limit rule or expression rule) for easier access. Set alarm limits, define alarm levels, configure conditions and more.

Event Notifications - The heart of the eDNA Event Manager is a set of tools to deliver information to the right person quickly. Your organization configures the tools to notify those responsible for acknowledging the alarm by email or mobile device. The user can add notes to an event, and attach trends or other files to provide more background.

Actionable Information - In the eDNA Web platform, Event Manager lets users view and process events. Users can sort events based on criticality, time of alarm or whether it has been acknowledged. Warehoused in the Event Manager, each event includes valuable insight about when and why it occurred. Once acknowledged, events can include information on how the problem was solved. The system stores this information for future analysis and reporting.

Notification Groups - Configure Notification Groups to ensure that valuable event information reaches the right person or group of people in the organization, regardless of role changes or restructuring.

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