eDNA Client Applications

eDNA has a suite of highly advanced client applications for accessing, analyzing and presenting data in the desired display format and resolution. eDNA clients allow product specialist and "power users" to quickly use and analyze eDNA information. Casual users are also provided with a quick and easy to use interface accessed via eDNA's web-based tools. All of the eDNA clients are licensed for unlimited distribution, allowing all users the ability to access and benefit from the company's real-time data.

eDNA View provides a graphical display of information to accurately depict the current condition and status of your plant and systems. Custom screen development is made easy and data points are quickly added with a few simple mouse clicks. A complete library of graphical symbols, gauges, and trending controls are included for advanced visualization.


eDNA Trend is used to display historical or real-time updating data. The data can be displayed in the highest possible resolution or in user defined aggregates. eDNA Trend can access hundreds of thousands of historical records in just a few seconds. eDNA Trend configuration data is easily stored as a template file for reuse. Data points can quickly be exported to Microsoft® Excel.


eDNA Excel Add-in extends commonly accessed eDNA functions and features directly into a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet including real-time values, historical values, average values, minimum and maximum values, and values at specified time intervals. This tool is commonly used for ad hoc reporting.


eDNA Report Manager provides the ability to develop customized reports using an intuitive report building interface. Simple and complex reports can be created with embedded logic, filters and equations.

 Report Manager